Tuesday, February 19

YouTube bans controversial kids channel-Toy Freaks


Following consumer outrage over YouTube’s handling of disturbing videos aimed at children on its network, the channel has now banned one of the more controversial kid channels it hosted-Toy Freaks.

Toy FreaksThe channel, the 68th largest on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers, was severely criticised for its vile and seemingly exploitive videos featuring a dad and his daughters, which many were of the opinion that it meant abuse.

According to YouTube, the ban is part of a new tightening around the enforcement of its child endangerment policies. It says that it will now remove videos to protect “viewers, uploaders and children” when the it receives signals that cause concern.

The removal is part of a broader review of similar content on YouTube, the channel added.

Earlier videos on the channel included the dad filming the girls in obvious distress, screaming or crying, for example.

In one video, the dad follows his daughter into the bathroom, as she cries with a mouthful of blood from a tooth falling out. In another, he sneaks into the bathroom and dumps a bucket of frogs in the tub while the girls are bathing in order to scare them.

Now, there is no more Toy Freaks. In its place is a message that reads ‘This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Video Guidelines.’