1001 Nights to debut on VME Kids this December


Big Bad Boo Studios’ hit animated show 1001 Nights will debut on the US Spanish-language network VME Kids this December.

This should allow many Spanish-speaking households to enjoy animated stories as told by the determined storyteller Shahrzad.

1001 Nights

The series is currently enjoying success all over the world as it airs in over 120 countries and translated to over 15 languages.

The series is based on the original tales but freshens them up a bit to fit the target of kids between kids of 6 to 9 years old kid demographic.

It incorporates an educational curriculum companion series of books that reach over half a million children in developing countries through partnerships with schools, refugee camps and UNICEF.

Season 3 of Big Bad Boo is currently under production. The makers have successfully negotiated licensing deals for comic books and merchandise in several territories.

We are beyond excited to have 1001 Nights airing on a Spanish-language network in the United States, reaching brand new audiences,’ says Shabnam Rezaei, president and co-founder of Big Bad Boo. “Hispanic-American kids and their families will be able to enjoy these classic tales, on Vme Kids which is a premium channel,” she adds.