10th Ave Productions teams up with three for an unique animated series

AveCanadian studio 10th Ave Productions has teamed up with Maggie Moreno Studios, scriptwriter Marie Beardmore and David Wolllos/ThinkTank Emporium for a new, unique animated series concept: Cloud Club.

Cloud Club

Together with ThinkTank, 10th Ave will be looking out for buyers at the upcoming Cartoon Connection (Quebec), MIP Junior and MIPCOM (Cannes) markets.

“We are very excited to be working with Nancy Florence Savard and 10th Ave, whose work we have admired,” observed Maggie. “All of us are very confident that we are bringing a unique concept to the market that will be embraced by a number of forward thinking companies that want to share in our adventure,” she added.

Cloud Club centers on three young heroes on their funny and frenetic adventures behind the Cyber Curtain, in a fantastical place where the digital Cloud world of our gadgets and the real world collide.

Viewers are guided through this visually rich, technology-driven new universe by recent Cloud Academy graduates Pi, Byte and Nano on a journey of discovery, danger, mystery and computer chaos.

The property is based on an original concept by Argentina-based artist/designer Maggie and co-created by Paris-based scriptwriter Marie Beardmore