Tuesday, February 19

Aardman studio launches new portal Aardboiled


Award-winning UK studio Aardman has thrown in its hat into the proverbial ring as they recently launched their own online portal for original, offbeat animated comedy creators.

Named Aardboiled, this new YouTube channel leverages the studio’s other successful YouTube channels that collectively earn more than 25 million views monthly to distribute new content internationally.


“It is rare and inspiring to see such high quality work direct from the creators without any interference from ‘development executives’,” commented Aardman Executive Creative Director Sarah Cox. “All the good stuff without the edges rounded off,” she rounded off.

Some of the first few projects to be announced is called Weirdy Rhyms that was originally developed by the late director/animator Terry Brain (The Trap Door, Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep) directed and produced by son Dave Brain and Michael Percival; Clod, a new series from Rich Webber (Purple & Brown, DC Nations) and original shows and shorts from Dan Bins & Ian Pinder, Dave McKenna, Joe Wood & Ollie Magee, Jane Davies, and Sam Morrison.

Aardboiled will also see the return of some Aardman classics such as Pib & Pog by Peter Peake and Big Jeff by Tom Parkinson.