Tuesday, February 19

Adobe puts up Photoshop Elements 2018 for sale in the US


If one doesn’t need all the features of Photoshop or doesn’t want to pay a subscription, Adobe’s got a sale on Photoshop Elements 2018 right away.


Though it’s in the US only but one can find Elements 2018 on sale for $70 at multiple online retailers including Amazon, Best Buy (disc version), and B&H (disc version) not to mention Adobe itself.

Elements 2018 usually sells for $100. Officially, the sale runs until November 12, but mileage may vary at various stores.

Photoshop Elements 2018 rolled out in October last and it seems to be quite good. The latest version of Photoshop Elements adds a few new feature such as Auto Select to help you quickly and accurately select objects for editing.

Basically, it’s what you always hoped the magic lasso feature would be.