Alpha Group in association with Man of Action introduces its Chinese franchise Opti Morphs to the Western world

AlphaAlpha Group has joined hands with Man of Action to introduce its hit Chinese media franchise Opti Morphs to western audiences.


However, like Blazing Team before it, the company has decided not to dub the pre-existing material and will instead create all new content under the name of Screechers Wild.


The centre piece is an entirely new 52 episode animated series that’s currently under production.

The original Opti Morphs series launched on March 14, 2016 on China’s Jiajia Cartoon channel and ran for 40 episodes before starting a 26 episode second season on March 3, 2017.

The show has been translated into a handful of langauges including English but is going for a clean start with its western launch. The franchise itself is a spin off of Alpha’s 2010-2011 Mechnimal line.

At the brand’s core are transforming vehicles that launch via racing. The range features street cars, rescue trucks and military vehicles that shape shift into insects, beasts and birds when the cars make contact with the disc.

Alpha Toys will sell three different lines: smaller vehicles, larger vehicles and two disc transformers. The company will also offer a launcher that can shoot 12 feet and the Coin Morph Launcher which has the player aim the discs at the cars.

While the Screechers Wild release will consist of all-new content, you can check out the Opti Morphs toy line to get a sense of the brand’s play style.