Among all, Marvel TV is most popular


At this point of time, Marvel Television is all over the place.

While ABC has Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans lined up, Netflix has six shows, Hulu has Runaways and Freeform has two in Cloak and Dagger and New Warriors coming up. All said and done, things are spread pretty wide.

In a chat, Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb has revealed that despite all those shows on other broadcasting stations and platforms, the Disney-owned ABC remains their first port of call when shopping new shows around. He also goes on to say that they have more projects together in the pipeline:

“Absolutely. Obviously these aren’t things I can talk about. But look, as it is with every single one of the networks that we have gotten with that this is with, and whether it’s Fox or it’s FX or it’s Freeform, or it’s Hulu, or it’s Netflix, ABC is always going to be our mothership. It is a Disney-owned network. We are a Disney-owned corporation and we’re a good fit for each other,” he averred.

I think people confuse the fact that we go to other networks as a sign that we’re not on ABC. The truth of the matter is that those shows weren’t appropriate for us to be on ABC.

Marvel TV’s relationship with ABC hasn’t been good enough in the past most because of the cancellation of Agent Carter which fans were not happy with and the scrapping of Marvel’s Most Wanted at the pilot stage.

Both ABC and Marvel are currently developing a Jessica Jones-esque show together.