Animations Institute to feature ‘Project of the Month’ on YouTube every month


From now on, a student project created at Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitute will be featured as a “Project of the Month” on Filmakademie’s YouTube channel every month. The series started with the online premiere of the music video I’m Comin’ Home by animation student and musician Nadine Stardust and technical director student Mahmoud Woodmansey on November 1. Furthermore, the Project will be featured with exclusive background stories exclusive background stories on Animationsinstitut’s website.

I’m Comin’ Home is an interdisciplinary project dedicated to music legend David Bowie who passed away in January 2016. The song was written and recorded by Nadine. In the corresponding music video, students and employees of Animations institute take on the role of David Bowie. Mahmoud  developed a face tracking software which allows you to project David Bowie’s iconic make-up from the Ziggy Stardust era onto people’s faces in real-time.

“The goal of this project is to connect David Bowie’s spirit to Ludwigsburg, where Animationsinstitut is located”, says producer .Andy DeFries “To achieve this goal, as many people as possible have to watch and share the video, so that David Bowie’s spirit can keep living on. So go watch it”!

Through the regular publishing of the Project of the Month, Animationsinstitut aims to create a public archive on the website as well as on Filmakademie’s YouTube channel that represents the wide, creative range of student projects realised at Animationsinstitut and allows people to get an insight look into the history and the development of the institute and its students.

The next Project of the Month will be published on December 01, with the series continuing on the first day of every month. So don’t miss it!