Autodesk releases latest SketchBook 4.0 painting and drawing app

AutodeskAutodesk has released its latest SketchBook 4.0 painting and drawing app. These will be available in May for iPad and iPhone and for Android users on Google Play.

Autodesk SketchBook 4.0 for iOS and Android is currently one of the best painting and drawing apps for ones iPad that offers a wide range of brushes and editing capabilities either for free or under subscription.

SketchBook is designed for creative professionals who draw on a regular basis, with the intent to make the digital drawing process feel as natural as possible.

Autodesk’s app for tablets and phones, SketchBook – aka SketchBook Pro – promises to give users a more natural and convenient drawing experience with the latest version, including a larger canvas size, more layers, enhanced tools  and a smoother user interface (UI).

Artists can now download the GPU-accelerated update and use SketchBook 4.0 on any Android device enjoying all the new features including creating and sharing digital sketches on the fly, especially helpful when creating concept art.

SketchBook 4.0 was released first for iOS, now Android and people expect an upgrade for Amazon Fire to follow.

The last update improved and simplified the interface whilst adding a few extra options, and SketchBook 4.0 enhances its user interface even further.