Barbour launches new Christmas campaign




Leading heritage and lifestyle brand, Barbour launched its new Christmas campaign online The Story Continues yesterday (2 November) in partnership with Snowman Enterprises Ltd, managed by Penguin Ventures, part of Penguin Random House.

A sequel to last year’s campaign ‘Gifts They’ll Always Remember,’ ‘The Story Continues’ imagines Billy, the young boy from the much loved children’s animation The Snowman and The Snowdog, the sequel to Raymond Briggs’ classic book The Snowman, as an adult.


It includes 45 seconds of never before seen animation as the film breaks new ground combining original and fresh footage to create Billy’s family for the first time.

The campaign is focused around a 60 second bespoke animation film made by Lupus Films which, like the original, focuses on actions rather than words.

It introduces the new characters of Billy’s wife and daughter alongside Billy, TheSnowman and The Snowdog and begins with the line ‘When snow starts to fall on Christmas Eve, magic can happen…’

It cuts to an adult Billy at home with his family and elderly dog, (the puppy from The Snowman and The Snowdog) on Christmas Eve.

Billy tucks his daughter into bed before turning to gaze out of the window as the snow begins to fall.  The film then shows Billy kneeling by the Christmas tree and looking thoughtfully at a present he is holding.

Billy then goes to bed and as he drifts off to sleep he dreams of himself as a young boy in the garden with The Snowman and the Snowdog at the time when the Snowdog transformed into a real dog.

On Christmas morning, Billy is woken by his daughter jumping up and down on the bed in great excitement.  She goes downstairs and greets the dog waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs before running over to the Christmas tree to look at her presents.

Suddenly the dog pricks up his ears and runs to the door, more active and animated than he has been for a long time.  Billy opens the door to find The Snowman standing there.  Billy is overjoyed to see his friend.  Billy’s daughter pulls out a present from under the tree with the label The Snowman. She takes the present over to The Snowman who unwraps it. It’s a Barbour jacket with a pin badge of him, Billy and the Snowdog.

The film ends with The Snowman trying on his jacket, overcome with emotion and the caption “Gifts They’ll Always Remember.”

Paul Wilkinson, Global Marketing Director, Barbour said, “It has been exciting to work with Snowman Enterprises Ltd to create this beautiful Barbour interpretation of the next chapter for Billy, something that has never been done before.Barbour is a brand that evokes fond memories of shared experiences, times and places and we wanted to express this emotion within the film.  By combining original footage from The Snowman and The Snowdog animation alongside 45 seconds of new footage and introducing family characters, we’ve created a magical film that recreates the nostalgia of childhood, the joy of giving at Christmas and that special feeling of spending time with friends or relatives you may not have seen for a long time.”

The campaign will be rolled out online on 2 November.  Barbour’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube will promote the campaign using the hashtag #barbourchristmas and shortened versions of the animation film.  A series of engaging blog content inspired by the film will feature throughout November and December on

From 9 November, Barbour’s retail stores will promote the campaign through point of sale, windows, in store gift tables and exclusively designed carrier bags.  A special limited edition The Snowman and The Snowdog pin (as seen in the film) will be given away with every Barbour purchase.