Brian Drummond returns with Dragon Ball Super

Remember Brian Drummond, the original English language voice actor for Vegeta?


Yes, he will now get to face off against Goku and friends in Dragon Ball Super returns with new episodes on Toonami next weekend.

The story line that takes place between episodes 44-46 Dragon Ball Super returns with new episodes on Toonami next weekend.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super will air every Saturday night at 10:30 pm as part of Adult Swim’s Toonami block.

For those not in the know, Brian Drummond played Vegeta in the original 1996-1998 Dragon Ball Z dub that went on for 53 episodes.

Then, the English dub was a joint production between Funimation Productions, Saban Entertainment and The Ocean Group. The latter handled all voice recordings at their Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offices.

Starting with the show’s third season in 1999, created for the original Toonami block, Funimation moved production to its own facilities in Texas as a cost cutting measure.

That meant replacing the entire voice cast with a crew that was initially told to mimic the original Canadian actors but have since grown into their own.

Drummond later reprised the role for an alternate continuation of that original dub produced for the Canadian and European television markets between 2000 and 2002.

Earlier this decade, he once again lent his voice to the prince of all Saiyans in a yet to be released dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai.