Cartoon Network to present ‘Cartoon Network: 25 Years of Drawing on Creativity’

Cartoon NetworkWith the launch of the very first 24-hour toon channel, the television animation landscape changed forever a quarter-century ago.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Cartoon Network has allied with The Paley Center for Media to present ‘Cartoon Network: 25 Years of Drawing on Creativity.’

This exclusive exhibit will premiere at Paley Center’s New York, location on September 16 and will run till October 8. The show will then move to Paley Center’s Beverly Hills location on October 14 and will go on till November 19.

“It was a crazy idea to start, but a crazy good idea that led to twenty-five years of laughter and innovation,” said Cartoon Network President Christina Miller. “We are very thankful to our talent, team and, of course, our fans. We are proud to be celebrating this milestone with Paley Center.”

Visitors to the exhibit will experience the creative process from sketch to screen (and beyond) with an in-depth look at Steven Universe, take in special exhibits including stop-motion sets from Adventure Time and enjoy photo ops with sculptures from The Powerpuff Girls and CN’s newest hit series O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes!

The exhibits and immersive activities will be complemented by screenings and panel discussions with Cartoon Network talent and creative teams at both Paley Center locations — all free and open to the public.

“We’re thrilled to welcome visitors into the visually exciting world of Cartoon Network,” said Maureen J. Reidy, the Paley Center’s President & CEO. “Cartoon Network: 25 Years of Drawing on Creativity is one of the many exhibits the Paley Center presents each year that capture the unique combination of artistry and entertainment.”