DHX Media almost ready with first animated project Polly Pocket

DHX Media

It’s a long story. In the late 2015, toy major Mattel and DHX Media had announced a long term partnership that would see the latter develop a number of animated projects based on their properties.


Though it’s taken some time, but DHX has finally come out with the first project named Polly Pocket. The classic miniature doll line is being reinvented by DHX Vancouver, the studio behind the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.


Polly is often told she is too little to do the things she wants to do. But she proves what every kid knows…that being little isn’t a limitation, it’s her greatest strength.

When Polly Pocket inherits a magic locket that allows her to shrink to just 4”, she embraces her pocket-sized powers and finds the upside of shrinking is big adventures and making a big difference for her and her best friends.

 The first season of Polly Pocket will feature twenty-six 22-minute episodes as well as a 44-minute TV special. The series is expected to launch within the next year.