Fans waiting for Bandai Namco’s video game adaptation



There’s still time for the release of Bandai Namco’s video game adaptation of the popular magical girls/witch-themed anime Little Witch Academia but it doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate a new official trailer.


Due to be out for the PS4 under the title of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time on November 30, the game is a 2.5D cel-shaded Beat ‘Em Up  that will give players a chance to play as fledgling witch Akko and the other main character through an original story made for the game.

The trailer shows off the Luna Nova Magical Academy as well as some game play footages and bosses. It also features the one-day loop system, and the game’s version of Akko’s frienemy, Diana Cavendish.

Though Diana has not been confirmed to be playable yet, it is hoped that she is because having her as an NPC would be a shame.