Fenil Comics’ desi superhero Bajrangi  saves the tigers in brand new series “1411”

 IMG-20171123-WA0010Popular Indian comicbook publishers, Fenil comics have come out with a brand new comic series titled as “1411” introducing an Indian superhero “ Bajrangi”  who will be on a sacred mission of saving tigers! Sounds interesting.

Animation Digital Digest (ADD) spoke to Fenil Sherdiwala who is the founder of Fenil Comics and also the author of “1411”.

Fenil said to ADD, “When I wrote the story, there were only 1411 tigers in India. Bajrangi is a superhero from jungle and he is on a mission to save tigers and stop illegal business of tiger in jungle. So I named it 1411. Indian culture embodiment and most importantly fans should like it proudly and say, our country, our super hero Bajrangi.”

The synopsis of the story is something like this:

Vajra,  son of Bhima completed his education from foreign and comes again to village. Bhima is the village head. The condition of the village is very bad. He decides to stay in the village to improve conditions. But someone secretly attacks him and he enters the secret chamber of his Haveli. Here the first part ends. He is as powerful as Bajrang Bali (Lord Hanuman) and so it has been given some Indian name. When the character was created in the year 2011, it was named as Bajrangi.

Cover of new series, "1411" by Fenil Comics
Cover of new series, “1411” by Fenil Comics

Baadal(horse),  Simha(tiger), Suleman Chacha, Chhabili are the main characters after Bajrangi.The villain is not yet revealed in the first part and there is a twist in the next part.

Fenil comics is marketing the comics in social media as well as in the next literature fest in January and fans are also promoting the book with positive reviews who have already read it.It is selling the comics at its own online store and selected book stands.Fenil Sherdiwala feels, 1411 will soon be a best seller in their stores. To improve the sales, he is also launching a cheaper version of the book.

Fenil explained his reasons for making it an indigenous comic book. He said, “I have already created many characters for city and secret missions. So I created Bajrangi for the jungle. 1411’s character, concept, everything is new. Forest affiliated character like him has not come till now.”


During the creation of Bajrangi, he kept in mind that superhero should be completely Indian, should not appear like a costumed foreign superhero, his costume should be completely Indian, he should be a courageous warrior and nature lover.

Indian culture embodiment and most importantly fans should like it proudly and say “Our country, Our superhero Bajrangi”, Fenil added.

Fenil Sherdiwala admitted that kids are also loving it. Recently, a kid from Lucknow created fan art for Bajrangi as a tribute to the comic series.

Now, this desi superhero has definitely entered into the hearts of kids in our country!