Frederator Networks launches The Summoning

FrederatorWOW! Unlimited Media’s Frederator Networks has launched The Summoning, the first of 12 short film projects developed by GO! Cartoons, the company’s co-production incubator with Sony Pictures Animation.


The debut toon from Australian creator Elyse Castro is available on Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel as well as Ellation’s VRV platform.

GO! Cartoons is Frederator’s sixth cartoon incubator following previous iterations like What a Cartoon! and Too Cool! Cartoons that launched the hit series Bee & PuppyCat from creator Natasha Allegri.

After Frederator Studios took hundreds of pitches for GO! Cartoons, Sony Pictures Animation selected a dozen projects to fund. At least one of the films will become a Cartoon Hangover series.

The next short in GO! Cartoons’ anthology series is entitled Boots from daughter and father team Alison and David Cowles.

It will make its Cartoon Hangover debut on November 21, followed by City Dwellers from Grant Kolton on December 5. The rest of the shorts will roll out every other week.