Giggle and hoot embrace You Tube channel


In a move that brings its homegrown pre-school property Giggle and Hoot to a worldwide online audience, the Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s distribution arm, ABC Commercial has curated a range of content for the IP’s newly launched YouTube channel and the YouTube Kids app.

ABC Commercial has also sold exclusive streaming rights to YouTube for full episodes of ABC’s Giggle and Hoot animated spinoff series Hoot Hoot Go! that premiered in May 2016 introducing a new best friend Hootly for owl stars Hoot and Hootabelle.

Giggle and Hoot YouTube content featuring host Jimmy Giggle, Hoot the owl and his owl bestie, Hootabelle, includes classic songs from the original live-action/puppetry series like 5 Steps to Bed and Hoot’s Lullaby.

Since launching earlier this month, the Giggle and Hoot YouTube channel has accumulated nearly one million views.

 Giggle and Hoot, that originally aired as short interstitials on ABC
KIDS, explores the daily lives and routines of pre-schoolers through songs, stories and problem-solving scenarios. New Giggle and Hoot content will be added to YouTube every Monday and Friday.

ABC Commercial’s YouTube partnership follows its recent deal with Lyrebird Interactive to provide ABC content like The Wiggles and Play School on the Australian tech company’s newly launched interactive multimedia player Birde.