Graduates of Bournemouth University making it proud

BUA number of graduates of the Bournemouth  University worked Star Wars: The Last Jedi, said to be the biggest movie of this year.

Bournemouth University (BU) has so far spotted 23 of its graduates in the blockbuster’s credit roll, while Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) has noted at least six.

Bournemouth is a public university based in Dorset, England, with its main campus situated in neighbouring Poole.

The university was a finalist for two prizes in British higher education – the 2009 Times Higher Education (THE) Awards for University of the Year and Research Project of the Year.

Traditionally known for its focus on professional courses, in the 2000s, the University invested in research to underpin its curriculum and maximise its contribution to the regional and national economies. The university currently has over 16,000 students including over 1,500 international students.

Graduates from the university have earlier worked on a number of Hollywood films including Gravity which was awarded the Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar at the 86th Academy Awards.

Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga took more than £337million at the box office worldwide on its opening weekend.

Star Wars

Graduates of BU worked on the film for visual effects companies including Industrial Light and Magic and production company, One of Us.

Sofronis Efstathiou, programme Leader for the MA in 3D computer animation at Bournemouth University said, “It is no surprise that BU graduates from the National Centre for Computer Animation have been working on the latest Star Wars film as we know BU graduates go on to work for the biggest animation and visual effects companies around the world.”

BU graduate Monika Radwanska, who was apprentice editor on the film said, “As I was working on The Last Jedi during its filming, my main task was helping the second assistant editor to prepare the film rushes for the editor and to organize them into scene bins. In the cutting room the priority is always to make sure the editors have everything they need to be cutting the film.

“I feel very proud to be a part of the Star Wars team. Seeing the finished film in the cinema and my name in the credits remains me why I decided to work in the film in the first place,” she added.

Ben Owen, a graduate working with One of Us, commented, “We worked closely with the director and the film makers and even got to go on set while they were shooting. We worked on everything from environments to destruction and it was really nice that they trusted us on some integral parts of the film.”

Theo Demiris, as a CG supervisor for One of Us, worked on the film’s “mirror cave” sequence and some of the space battles. “It goes without saying that it was a great project to be attached to,” he said.

David Giles, a graduate in film production form AUB, worked as sound assistant on The Last Jedi, having worked on previous Star Wars films Rogue One and The Force Awakens.

Five graduates form AUB’s award-winning costume and performance design contributed to the film: Alexina Duncan as buyer, Berel-Anne Evans as textile artist, Diane Logel as costumier, Vikki Medhurst as costume maker and Gabriella Morpeth as costumier.