Hasbro launches new animated property via YouTube shorts

Following in the footsteps of last year’s Hanazuki, toy company Hasbro has launched another new property through a series of animated YouTube shorts. The company launched the first 5 five-minute episodes last Saturday.


The series is Chomp Squad that is an original series aimed at kids aged between 3 and 5 about a group of heroes and their partnered dinosaurs.


Hasbro has also released the first batch in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Latin American Spanish, and European Spanish. New episodes are uploaded every Friday morning at 10am (eastern).

 Chomp Squad has been produced by Hasbro Studios, brought to life by Huminah Huminah Animation, a Canadian studio with offices in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Hamilton, Ontario. The first season of the show is set to go on for  25 episodes.

As this is a Hasbro series, there’s naturally a line of toys on the way. Released under the Playskool Heroes brand, kids and parents can expect to see merchandise tying in with the show at retailers within the coming weeks.

Toy collectors might remember that when Hasbro held the license of the Jurassic Park franchise, the company produced a number of product lines aimed at younger children. The most recent of which, a tie-in to 2015’s Jurassic World, was released under the same Playskool Heroes branding that Chomp Squad is going under.

In 2016, Hasbro was outbid for the rights to make Jurassic toys by rival manufacturer Mattel.