Hasbro’s first convention Hascon at Rhode Island from Sept. 8 to 10


Hasbro’s first convention, Hascon has been organized at at Providence, Convention Centre, Rhode island from September 8 to 10.

The company has promised loads of neat events, including panel discussions with toys designers, show runners and comic creators, Magic: The Gathering tournaments, performances from musical acts like Flo Rida, meet and greets with voice actors, and a whole lot more.

One of the cooler things to go do is visit the panels where you’ll see some of Hasbro Studios’ future animated series. HASCON will host the first public debut of two re-imagined classics.

On Saturday at 11 am in the FANmily Stage Room, attendees will get a glimpse at the all-new Littlest Pet Shop animated series: Littlest Pet Shop!

It would be exiting to see a full episode of the new series launching in 2018 and stay for a chance to have your questions answered.

On Sunday, Hasbro will debut its new Netflix series Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters:

In 2017, the Hasbro toy brand Stretch Armstrong will stretch onto television screens for the first time with an all-new look in an animated series from Hasbro Studios.

The animated action/comedy series explores the life of an over scheduled teenager named Jake Armstrong and his two best friends. The trio is accidentally exposed to an experimental chemical leading them to become Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, a team of stretchable superheroes.

At the convention would be the cast of Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters for a behind the scenes look at the upcoming 26-episode series, Hasbro Studios’ first original programming for Netflix.

The panel discussion will take place at 4pm in the FANmily Stage Room. An autograph session will occur at the same place an hour later.

HASCON will also host a sneak peek of season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, season 2 and the theatrical short of Hanazuki and Transformers: Titans Return.