The Jim Henson Company and IAmElemental bringing a new female superhero team


Thanks to the partnership between The Jim Henson Company and IAmElemental, a new female superhero team is on the way.


They are coming together to develop an animated series based on their toy line. Little else is known about the project, except that the collaboration has given The Jim Henson Company the ability to produce a series for any distribution platform.


“At The Jim Henson Company, we have a tradition of creating strong female heroes in our past and current television and film franchises,” says Halle Stanford, president, television, The Jim Henson Company. “Partnering with IAmElemental is incredibly exciting because it will be our first foray into the superhero genre with a cast of powerful young women at its core. We are excited to introduce a unique and fresh superhero television series geared for children all over the world.”

Developed over a period of two years by two mothers, IAmElemental launched as a Kickstarter in 2014 aiming to provide girls with original superheroes not tied to a previously existing property.

With a goal of $35,000 the campaign eventually grossed over $163,000. The company launched a second line of figures, titled “Wisdom” last year.