Legend 3D Inc. expands into China

Legend 3D

In a far-ranging deal with multiple strategic partners including local, regional and national Chinese governmental organisations, Legend 3D, Inc., the leading 3D conversion, VFX, VR and Animation studio, has finalized terms for expansion into China.

As a result, Legend will be establishing a new operation to offer services in support of 3D conversion and VFX projects in the heart of China’s rapidly growing entertainment technology sector,Luoyang City in the province of Henan. The scheduled opening date of its newest facility is Spring 2018.

Legend Vice President Will Maurer has been guiding the development of this opportunity for most of the past year.  The result of those efforts is an exclusive relationship with multiple partners including multiple municipal entities in both Luoyang City and Henan Province, and the company’s fourth studio location.

When operations begin at the new facility, Legend will be able to provide 3D conversion services for films produced both domestically and internationally.

An elaborate ceremony was hosted by local and regional Chinese authorities held last Tuesday on the site where Legend China will open a new 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in 90-acre Luoyang National University Science Park, a sprawling modern business environment offering state-of-the-art services to evolving (incubator and R&D) and established companies.

Plans are that the new operation will employ up to 600 experienced roto and paint artists as well partner with local universities to both provide training and job placement services to artists in the region. 

With the company’s Pune, India site, which opened in October, now fully operational, its Luoyang facility coming on line in four months, and its Toronto and Los Angeles studios up and running at optimal output, Legend’s clients will benefit from an expanded workforce, increased capacity and the seamless integration of the company’s global talent base.

With 98% of screens across all movie theaters in China are equipped to show films in 3D, the largest such concentration in the world, one of the factors which motivated Legend to build a presence on the Mainland was the opportunity to take a leadership role in elevating the quality of the 3D standard of films exhibiting in Chinese theatres.

As part of Legend’s government and agency partnerships, there has been a mutual commitment to create a method for ensuring moviegoers in the region are aware of the quality of the content before paying a premium ticket price to see the movie in 3D.