Tuesday, February 19

Marvel and Funko join hands again for a CG short


Marvel and Funko have got together for the third season of their hit CG short titled Tick Tick Smash while they have just released the third one.


The short features Funko Pop versions of the Hulk and Black Widow teaming up in order to escape a secret Hydra Bunker laden with traps.


The hilarious short emphasizes the distinct difference between the Hulk and Black Widow’s respective approach to superheroics with the latter being primarily all about grace and stealth,

The former lacked both but made up for it through sheer indestructibility.

The gist is that while the Hulk isn’t exactly the guy one would bring to a stealth mission, his indestructible body means that he doesn’t need to be stealthy anyway as he’ll just steamroll everything in his path.