Mexico-based Cuernavaca hosting Pixelatl’s El Festival


Cuernavaca, the town in Mexico is once again hosting another highly anticipated edition of Pixelatl’s El Festival that started from September 9 and will end on 13th of this month.

The 2017 edition will showcase a wide variety of animation greats including the likes of Henry Selick (Coraline), Hal Hickel (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Daniel Chong (We Bare Bears), Dara Terrace (Ducktales), David Feiss (Cow and Chicken), Alberto Vazquez (Psychonauts), Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim), Enrique Gato (Tad, the Lost Explorer), Alan Ituriel (Villainous) and Mike Hollingsworth (BoJack Horseman).

In addition, El Festival will have over 90 speakers from 13 countries and will also feature executives from studios, channels and broadcasters that will see pitches from Latin American IPs at the IdeaToon Summit.

Key players from Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Nickelodeon, Netflix, PBS, Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, Amazon Studios, and Televisa will be on hand to share their expertise and review pitches from the Latin American animation talent.

“Every year we work very hard to bring the artists that have created or are developing trends in the animated world,” said festival director Jose Iñesta.

“Christian Bermejo who is in charge of the programme works all year long to find key artists in the industry as well as executives that might be interested in co-producing with Mexico.

As a festival, we like to cross the different disciplines of animation, we bring traditional animators, CGI artists, but also videogame programmers and illustrators who create a lot of animation in their jobs,” he added.

One of the big highlights of the festival this year is the keynote address by Daniel Chong, the creator of Nickelodeon’s popular show We Bare Bears.

Also in the programme is a master class offered by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez and a master class by DuckTales show runner Dara Terrace. He will be speaking on the importance of storyboarding and delivering a fresh take on a classic property.

This year’s attendees will also get to experience an event called Gourmet Animation for which chefs have prepared five dishes inspired by five animated shorts.