Mondo TV CEO in China for animation meet

Mondo TV

Matteo Corradi, CEO of Mondo TV, a major international player in the production, distribution and licensing of animated content, recently made his presence felt at an animation conference in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, China.


He had gone there to share Mondo’s experiences as co-producer with China’s York Animation of the forthcoming children’s series Invention Story.


The conference, called the Henan Animation Industry under The Belt and The Road Initiative (a reference to trading routes) took place on 20 September.

Among the topics discussed was the trend towards the animation industry going global and how Henan Province’s animation industry could make a difference. The conference also discussed ways for Chinese animation to gain access to international markets.

Zhengzhou has risen in recent years to become a major Chinese logistics and manufacturing hub and an important part of Chinese initiatives to increase trade and cooperation between China and other countries. It also houses a number of animation companies.

Henan York Animation is one of the most successful animation companies in China creating and producing the remarkable high quality animated TV series and actively involving in the activities of global animation market.

Animation is an area that China has been developing for a number of years, and the conference session in which Mondo TV participated looked at the development of the Chinese animation industry and how it might match the output and success of countries like Japan and the US.