Neely Gonidosky’s Behind the Bars to release on December 11th


Neely Gonidosky’s Behind the Bars, an Animated Short Film is set for release on December 11th

It is an animated short film by award-winning animator Goniodsky that explores the themes of racial oppression, prejudice and the power of art to overcome and communicate one’s struggles to the world.  It is based on a poem by Edward Smyth Jones.

Aesthetically, the film draws from the materials available at the time of the poem’s publication – 1894 – and uses hand-drawn, 2D, and under-the-camera collage techniques to create a unique world, where Edward Smyth Jones’ intense inspiration to write even during his most difficult moments is captured in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment.

 Behind the Bars had its world premiere at the New York City Poetry Festival, its European Premiere at the Encounters Film Festival and has since screened at additional festivals all around the world.


The film is part of the Campfire Poetry project, produced by Max Rothman and Monticello Park Productions, and was

selected as a participant in The Independent Filmmaker Project’s 2017 Screen Forward Lab,