Nelvana Enterprises announces coming of D.N. Ace

NelvanaCanadian animation company Nelvana Enterprises has announced D.N.Ace, an all-new comedy-adventure that’ll mix science and fun.

The series follows curious, adventure-loving, mischief-making, proudly nerdy, 12-year-old Ace Ripley who suddenly learns he holds an incredible ability to manipulate DNA by fusing the genes of a living thing with any other thing, to create something entirely new.


The hero-in-the-making uses his newfound power to create ridiculous, amazing, and even terrifying mashed up creatures and tries to save his town from total chaos while trying to have the time of his life.

The series will be executively produced by Matthew Wexler whose earlier credits include Spin Master properties like Bakugan, Paw Patrol and Tenkai Knights.

“We can’t wait to introduce this stand-out series with its distinctive mix of sci-fi, fact, laughter, and thrills to our viewers,” said Scott Dyer, President, Nelvana Enterprises. “Kids love to create and dream up the unimaginable, and the inventive possibilities of D.N.Ace and its mashup mayhem will resonate well with our audience.”

D.N.Ace, that will run on Teletoon in Canada, is aimed at children between 6 and 9. The company has set forth on 80 11-minute episodes.

The Japanese animation house OLM that was behind Pokemon and Beyblade Burst will represent the series along with Dentsu in Japan. Both will also consult on the series.