Netflix orders for fourth season of Cirque du Soleil – Luna Petunia


Netflix has asked for a fourth season of Cirque du Soleil – Luna Petunia, even as the show’s third season premieres globally today on the SVOD.

The upcoming fourth season, which will feature new characters and a new land, is set to launch in early 2018.


A collaboration between Cirque du Soleil Media and Saban Brands, the pre-school series debuted on Netflix in December 2016.

Luna Petunia follows the adventures of Luna, a little girl who lives in the real world but plays in the fantastical land of Amazia. The series focuses on lessons in mindfulness, overcoming obstacles and encouraging preschoolers to believe in themselves.

In September, global master toy partner Funrise Toys launched the first toys based on the series. The line features dolls, accessories, playsets, bubble machines, plush and role play.

Luna Petunia marks the first television production for Cirque du Soleil Media. Development on the property first began in February 2014, when L.A.-based Saban joined the Canadian joint-venture to create a TV series, consumer products line and interactive content.