NHK to air series of animated shorts to arouse interest in Paralympic Games



With the hope of stirring interest in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK will air a series of animated shorts beginning next month.

Titled Ani x Para: Who Is Your Hero?, the 5-minute stories will convey the appeal of participating in and watching para-sports.

For this, NHK has tapped some of the top manga artists to bring these stories to life.

Details of the first two shorts have been revealed.

First to show will be Football 5-a-Side by Yoichi Takahashi: The Japanese team faces the Brazilians with their pass-oriented soccer which they mastered through their sharp sense of hearing. And what exactly is the special move that came about from years of strenuous training?  It is the theme song: “Turn Up” by Okamoto’s.

The second short named Para Athletics is directed by Eisaku Kubonouchi: A young girl with impairment in her leg discovers the joy of feeling the wind and matures through sports. Theme song: Just the Way We Are by Sakura Fujiwara.