Nube Studio Business Head Ranjan Karkera shares his wonderful experience at the Mumbai based post-production company

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Mumbai based post-production company Nube Studio is just two years old and has achieved a lot in a short period of time! The fast-growing studio specializes in high-end colour grading,CG/VFX for commercials, advertisements,feature films, TV series and music videos.

Nube has also collaborated with groundbreaking filmmakers, directors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, production and post houses for bringing their ideas to life. The studio which opened since June of 2015 already boasts of an impressive 3000+ TVC’s, with a superb client register. In recent developments, Serbian colourist Nikola Mrdalj joined office. Also, few months back Turkish colourist Metin Okutay had joined here.

Animation Digital Digest spoke to Nube Studio Business Head Ranjan Karkera who is also a pass out from Xaviers Institute of Communications(XIC Mumbai). He gave us insights about budding Nube studio and the latest developments there.

How do you handle the marketing side? What are your business and marketing strategies?

Ranjan: Nube caters to a very matured set of clients which includes filmmakers, creative producers, directors and DOPs who do not prefer to hear heavy marketing jargons. At Nube we believe in providing real value and the services that are delivered as promised, or exceeding that promise with integrity and honesty. We prefer educating our clients rather than persuading them, we want them to feel empowered and not pushed into while choosing our services.

Our marketing communications are clear, crisp and direct proving to be beneficial to our clients. Our holistic marketing strategy focuses on a great customer experience.


How has been your experience of working here? How is the work culture here?

Ranjan: The growth that I’ve experienced over the past 2.8 years in serving Nube Studio has been incredible. I feel like I’ve learned more and had more relevant growth opportunities in this organization than at any point in my career.The work culture at Nube Studio is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s an opportunity to be a part of something that impacts the Indian post-production industry.

What made you bring Colorist Metin and Nikola onboard?

Ranjan: The addition of Colorist Metin Okutay and Nikola Mrdalj further indicates our commitment and conviction in being creative leaders in colour grading. Both bring in a unique level of colour grading and Photography experience to Nube Studio. I believe that their knowledge and thirst for creating outstanding visuals has encouraged them to venture into new horizons. Nube gives them an opportunity to work on a diversity of projects, and we know they will be a great asset to our team.

Nikola is your latest addition, How is it working with Nikola so far?

Ranjan: Nikola has a distinct style of his own, He believes in colour grading across very different styles by using colour to enhance the storytelling. Nikola is also flexible and adapts to his collaborators, changing his techniques to suit the mood and style of visual communication in a better way. His cinematographic approach is often evident in the subtle and sometimes surprising choices that he makes while colour grading.

What are the future plans of Nube?

Ranjan: It’s early to talk about specifics, as we are well aware about the rapid changes in the industry. Since the inception of Nube Studio, we’ve been introducing new technologies and workflows and that’s something the team here is constantly focusing on. Soon we would be introducing our 3rd color grading suite with Baselight as the color grading platform. We are also in the process of lining up our 4K and HDR workflow. All our colour grading systems are 4K workflow ready. We will introduce this service as per industry’s demand.Nube is also expanding in terms of the amount of work and the kind of work we’re doing, and we intend to push that expansion along at an even faster rate with our amazing team of colourists and a wonderful technical staff.

What are the applications/software used at Nube for colour grading?

Ranjan: Baselight and Da Vinci Resolve  are used at Nube.

Which famous filmmakers, directors and broadcasters has Nube worked with?

Ranjan: We collaborate with all the top/major production house, AD agencies, broadcasters, filmmakers on regular basis.

What famous brands has Nube worked with?

Ranjan: BMW, L’oreal, Amazon, Honda, Skoda , Vodafone, Mahindra, Renault, Nokia, Colgate, Lux, Lifebuoy, Dettol, Horlicks, Tata, Pepsodent, Britannia, Reliance, Close-up, Airtel, Clinic Plus, Pond’s, Fair & Lovely, LG, Good Knight, Aquafina, Tata Tea, Suzuki, Pepsi ,Ariel, Dabur, Frooti, Flipkart,Vodafone, Mirinda,Coca-Cola, Hero Honda, Bournvita, Maggi, Sony,Thums Up, Philips, Godrej, Videocon, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Head & Shoulders, Limca, Cadbury, Cinthol, Pantene, Maruti, Dove, Sprite, Pears, ICICI Bank, Nestle, Star TV, Zee TV, Sony TV…