PBS Kids to premiere Ready Jet Go! On December 11

PBS KidsPBS Kids will be premiere Ready Jet Go!: Holidays in Boxwood Terrace on December 11. It will be made available for streaming on pbskids.org and the PBS KIDS Video App starting on the same date. Fans can also check it out via the 24/7 PBS Kids Channel.


Ready Jet Go… is a science and technology-themed kids’ series that uses vibrant CG animation and high energy music to take kids on a wild, educational ride into outer space, all the while piquing their natural curiosity for the universe and imparting much needed moral lessons.

The series is also notable because it features a leading NASA astronomer: the Jet Propulsion Lab’s Dr. Amy Mainzer, the show’s science curriculum consultant who stars in its fun and informative live-action segments.

The christmas special follows Jet as his idea for the annual Boxwood Terrace Christmas Pageant is approved and his excitement reaches a new high when he is also commissioned to direct the show.

The show casts Sean, Sydney, Mindy, and Sunspot as characters while giving Mitchell the very important task of finding the ever elusive, intangible thing called the Christmas Spirit.

The whole special will focus on the gang as they desperately try to seek and define the Spirit of Christmas.