Ringling College will be first to offer degree in VR


Florida’s Ringling College of Art and Design will be the first art college and one of the first educational institutions to offer a degree in the rapidly growing field of virtual reality (VR) for artists and designers.

The Virtual Reality Development; major, a four-year BFA degree programme will commence in fall 2018. It is now accepting applications for the inaugural class.

“Virtual Reality is going to change everything,” quips Dr. Larry R. Thompson, President of Ringling College. “The opportunities extend far beyond the worlds of gaming and entertainment—this technology will revolutionize the way we live and work, and it will offer unexplored opportunities for artists and designers. We want our students and graduates to be leading this monumental shift, advancing and defining this new field, and laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s generations of creative leaders, companies, and organizations,” he adds.

Housed in the school’s widely respected Computer Animation department, the VR major will offer students an opportunity to create experience for a number of industries including healthcare, advertising, architecture, education, and entertainment.

Courses will include Visual Scripting, Concept Development for Virtual Worlds, Visual Development for VR, and VR Development, creating 3D content and VR experiences.

To supplement and amplify the classwork, Ringling College will invite studio professionals into the classroom to deliver presentations and collaborate on new projects including an upcoming partnership with Flight School, a studio known for its pioneering work in VR, AR, games, and film.

Flight School is the latest venture from Ringling graduate and Oscar-winning animation filmmaker Brandon Oldenburg, who will be attending the college’s 2017 Fall Preview Day (Nov. 4) to discuss the VR industry and help with a tech demo.