Sentai Filmworks phasing out DVDs

SentaiGiving a setback of sorts to scores of DVD fans who like to treasure handy animation  films for a later view, anime distributor cum anime licensing company Sentai Filmworks has decided to phase out the DVD format from their lineup.

Though, one need not have to press the panic button and buy every missing gap in his/her collection right now.

The well-known anime distributor  based in Houston is gradually phasing out of the DVD format and stipulations to their plan: older titles that have no Blu-Ray releases will still have DVD releases while titles with second or third seasons will still be provided a DVD option.

To encourage fans to switch over to Blu-Ray, Sentai Filmworks is also offering a complementary Blu-Ray player to customers who purchase $299 worth of products from their online store.

The promo period will run from September 18, 2017 to September 30, 2017.