Several voice-overs of the English version of Yo-Kai Watch anime desert show

Level 5Many voice actors attached to the anime Yo-Kai Watch have come out and said they won’t be involved with the English dub’s upcoming third season just because they were  recast in a cost cutting move, according to Joey D’Auria, the voice of Whisper and Robonyan. “This is an expense most English anime productions can’t afford to take on,” he observed.

Yo Kai

The English dubbed version of the anime first premiered on Disney XD in the United States on October 5, 2015.

The adaptation was initially produced for Dentsu Entertainment USA later, Level-5 abby with a Los Angeles based voice cast comprising the likes of Johnny Yong Bosch, Joey D’Auria‏ and Alicyn Packard.

The same crew stuck around for season 2, the first movie and the video games. Their voices have since been heard in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but unfortunately, it seems this is the end of the line.

While the first season of the series was produced outside of an acting union, the second season and the movie were recorded under SAG-AFTRA rates.

This might be one of the more pronounced effects of Yo-Kai Watch’s “mixed results in merchandise sales in North America.

Speaking to press persons, Level-5 abby SVP for Marketing and Licensing Simon Waldron said tha

the company would need to look at “starting things on a smaller scale” after expanding too quickly.