South African singer Toya Delazy will be voicing for The Powerpuff Girls


Fans have been going ga ga with the news that a new hero will be making a bow in Cartoon Network’s iconic girl-power trio The Powerpuff Girls in the new season of the series.

Now, it has been confirmed that South African singer, songwriter, musician and all-around powerhouse performer Toya Delazy will be voicing for the characters.

“I have always dreamed of being the voice of a cartoon character. Never did I think I would be recording a voice-over as the new Powerpuff Girl for Cartoon Network, though,” observed Delazy.

“In a nutshell, Cartoon Network was my childhood. The shows were always quirky, expressive, creative and cool! I have always appreciated how creative the channel is, even to this day. Watching Cartoon Network really opened my mind as a child, and for me the channel still represents creativity in all aspects of the word. The shows are bold, unexpected, energetic and exciting definitely a brand that I can identify with and relate to,” she added.

Earlier, Delazy collaborated with Turner to produce and sing a localised version of the PPG theme song for the African market (Northwest indie rockers Tacocat performed the US version).

Delazy will lend her voice to five special episodes in which the four superheroic tots work together to save Townsville from the biggest and baddest evil threat yet.

The Powerpuff Girls Power of Four will officially open up the fourth PPG when it premieres on September 17 at 5:30 p.m.