Spin Master adapting Super Dinosaur into animated series

Spin Mastewr

In a surprise move, Canadian toy and media company Spin Master is working with  Robert Kirkland to adapt his child-friendly comic book Super Dinosaur into an animated series.


The company behind Paw Patrol, Rusty said that it was an action adventure comedy aimed at boys between 6 and 11. The show will launch sometime next year on a Canadian channel owned by Corus Entertainment. The toy company is currently looking for other English and French broadcasters to sign on for the initial 2018 toy year.

The series is about a group of mutated dinosaurs commanded by the vile Max Maximus routinely attempt to destroy the world. It’s up to the walking talking armored pair of a boy named Derek and his T-Rex to stop them.

Besides the show’s broadcast, Spin Master plans to launch a range of toys. Additionally merchandise will be available once the series gains larger distribution internationally.

Super Dinosaur’s CG animation will be handled by Vancouver’s Atomic Cartoons. The original comic book series was first launched in 2011 and was published by Image Comics.