Studiopolis putting its might to make English dubbed version of Marvel Future Avengers


California-based Studiopolis is working hard on producing an English dubbed version of Marvel Future Avengers.

The latest Asian attempt at America’s comic lore started its broadcast in Japan on the Dlife channel on July 22nd.

Future Avengers

The show has been produced by Madhouse, the animation studio that had earlier created the Marvel Anime timeline of TV shows and movies.

Yuzo Sato, who directed Marvel Anime Ironman, has directed the new show with characters designs from fellow Ironman alum Takahiro Umehara and scripted by Ryuu King who had earlier scripted Disk Wars Avengers.

Marvel Future Avengers centres around Makoto, a young boy who is granted super powers through a gene manipulation experiment. Alongside a group of other gifted youths, Makoto joins the legendary Avengers super hero team as part of their apprentice program, the Future Avengers.

Together the group learns to fight the forces of evil with the help of Iron Man, Captain America Hulk, Thor and Wasp.