Tado, Mike and Katie create a stop-motion film Hello Kitty

Sheffield-based creative threesome Tado, Mike and Katie have created a stop-motion film for everyone’s favourite expressionless Japanese cat character-fronted brand Hello Kitty.


Interestingly, all the characters are hand-made – fashion in wood, painted and engineered to move by Mike and Katie.

The two made most of the film in over two to three months with Gavin Strange (who has a day job at Aardman) providing a helping hand.

The piece promotes merchandising on the Hello Sanrio website where one can pick up everything from clothing to home wares featuring Hello Kitty and associated characters.

As one would except, the film is bright, colourful, simple and without narrative. A large part of Hello Kitty’s appeal is that they don’t have stories or even personalities attached to them beyond looking cute and living in a world that’s a simplified version of our own (but without any sense of rules or boundaries).

This lack of authorial control encourages both children and adults to imbue the characters with their own choice of personality and stories fitting them into the person’s interests, values and sense of the world. And that, arguably, makes them love the characters more.