Things looking north for Studio 100 group

Studio Group

After Belgium-based Studio 100 Group acquired a majority stake in German brand management and media company m4e AG eight months ago becoming one of the largest animation and live-action studios in Europe with 17,500 episodes of kids and family fare, things have been looking upwards.

“We have set up a five-year plan for new productions that encompasses 10 new shows and five feature films,” averred Hans Ulrich Stoef, CEO of m4e AG and Studio 100 Media. “We have 380 episodes and three feature films currently in production between our two companies.”

A year after m4e teamed up with producer Sherry Gunther Shugerman to announce live-action/puppet/CGI series The Beatrix Girls, the Planeta Junior co-pro’s pilot episode has officially been given the go ahead signal ahead of MIP Jr.

Alongwith, a North American master toy partner has been brought on board. Aimed at girls between ages five to nine, The Beatrix Girls is based on a brand of multimedia pop dolls but the new show will have a comedic—and creative—twist.

“This show is a relatively high investment for us, with each episode costing between US$350,000 and US$400,000,” informed Stoef. “The creativity is completely different. It’s more live action with puppet animation included. That entails lots of green screen shooting and animation. There are so many CGI-animated girls shows out there, so we thought this route was creatively best,” he continued.

Studio 100 will hold distribution rights of the series in major territories when it launches at the end of 2019.