Three countries gang up to come up with an animation co-prodution

Tiny IslandIn a first, a China-Singapore-Thailand animation co-production was announced last Monday at MIPCOM.

Given the integrities, it looks like an ambitious deal that could ultimately result in 10 animated features valued at USD$250 million.


The three-way deal involves Thailand’s Shellhut Entertainment, Singapore’s Tiny Island Productions and China’s Wingsmedia, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group.

Shellhut and Tiny Island Pictures’ is the name of the joint venture between Thailand’s Shellhut Entertainment Co Ltd and Singapore’s Tiny Island Productions, and this joint venture had been established even before the 10-film MOU signing with Shanghai Media Group’s WingsMedia at MIPCOM.


The announcement, which was sealed with the signing of a memorandum of understanding, is being said to be the biggest-ever animated film cooperation in Asia.

To create the films, Shellhut and Tiny Island Productions have launched a new entity named Tiny Island Productions.

The first film that will be ionproduced from this venture will integrate Wingsmedia’s sci-fi centric reality TV series Starship MZ: 2049 with Tiny Island Productions’ Dream Defenders.