Throwback Thursday: 5 Best Anime couples who stole our hearts

As it’s just a month left for the year to end, we thought of going back to our favourite love stories and recount the tales of the lovable couples that came with them.

The point is that these  anime couples overcome hardships together, stick through thick and thin and fight all the odds. But there are simply too many amazing relationships out there for us to put into just one Top 5 list.

That is why we want to give you five memorable anime couples today for all of you that are looking for some butterflies in their stomachs.

But, mind, they are all Japanese movies that stole our heart.


Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story)


There are so many new and noteworthy couples coming out every season but still we cannot forget the old. Yamato and Takeo from Ore Monogatari!! are a great example.

Takeo is a giant with a big heart and despite his kind nature, people choose to avoid him because of his intimidating looks. Too bad that Takeo had to fall in love with beautiful Yamato who, to top everything off, might, in fact, have feelings for Takeo’s best friend Makoto. Who will Yamato choose?

Yamato and Takeo give all of us hope for our own romantic endeavors and that is why we included them on top of this list.



Second in our list today is Risa and Otani from Lovely★Complex!

After Ore Monogatari!!, this is another anime that shows an unlikely relationship that beats the odds.

In this case, we have an extraordinary tall girl develop feelings for an extraordinary short guy. Sounds like a great source for funny scenes?

The story of Risa and Otani will warm your heart as much as it will make you laugh.

This relationship is as cute as it is funny. It plays around with the common misconception that guys should always be taller than their girlfriends and shows that this doesn’t have to be the case.

More importantly, Lovely★Complex proves that couples don’t have to be lovey-dovey all the time, but can joke around and make fun of each other like best friends.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair)


We’ve already reached our Top 3 and no other show would be more suitable to start with than recent hit Snow White with the Red Hair.

This anime introduces one to a fantastic world filled with kingdoms, princes and great adventures.

Shirayuki is a cheerful girl who wants nothing more in life than just to help out as an apothecary at her local herbal shop.

But she needs to flee the country when Prince Raji grows a little bit too fond of the innocent girl. On her adventure, Shirayuki meets Zen, the prince of the neighboring country, and the two of them team up to fight for what they believe in.

This love story has everything that any girl would dream of – a beautiful setting, a charming prince, a girl in need. But what makes this story so special is the fact that Shirayuki is a passionate girl who stands eye-to-eye with Zen and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Zen and Shirayuki meet each other at the right point in their lives and what started as a good friendship soon grows into something more. What a beautiful love story!



Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

sailor Moon

An oldie but still a goldie – the story of power girl Sailor Moon never goes out of age.

For all of you who don’t know, Sailor Moon tells the story of 14-year-old girl Tsukino Usagi. She is not good at studies, likes to complain and cannot seem to figure her life out, but in the end, she has a big heart.

That is exactly what she needs when she encounters a mysterious black cat that gives her the power to turn into Sailor Moon, a fighter who has to protect the world against the Dark Kingdom.

Let’s jump right into the relationship of this anime; what makes Usagi and Mamoru such a noticeable couple in our eyes?

Of course, there is a little bit of nostalgia attached to the two of them (which little girl didn’t dream of marrying Tuxedo Mask one day?).

But more than that, the anime makes sure to show us that Usagi and Mamoru are simply made for each other and there is no one else out there either of them could be with.

This couple from Sailor Moon is one of the most popular couples in anime history.





Last, but definitely not least, we have a on this list who make us believe that anything is possible in love.

Naruto has the demon of the nine-tailed fox trapped inside of him while Hinata comes from a respectable household of powerful fighters. While Naruto is outgoing, Hinata is shy.

Though Naruto and Hinata might not have been the perfect couple out there at the beginning of the show; however, they grow up, become stronger and overcome their weaknesses. In each other, they can find something that each one of them is lacking and that is what makes their relationship so memorable. Hinata and Naruto deserve to be the final couple on this list.