Throwback Thursday: 5 best anime Horror movies that will scare you

Horror is one genre that scares one-indeed scared. We have seen ample number of Horror movies in mainstream cinema that scared us a lot.

Today, we thought of scaring our readers dishing out five best Horror films but in the animation.


Ajin Part I: Shoudou


In Ajin Part I, we discover that humans and Ajin co-exist. Appearing very much like humans, the only factor that sets them apart is the fact that once they die, they can revive themselves instantly.

With this immortality, not much else is known about their species other than the government’s regulation on their existence taking them into custody to ‘study’ their nature.

Additionally, many recognize Ajin as creatures that are sub-human.

Our main character is Kei Nagai, who appears as your normal high school student, until one day, he emerges from a fatal accident that should have claimed his life.

From here on, news travels globally after which Kei finds himself on the run. Moreover, he discovers that there are more Ajins in existence than he expected.

In the wise words of Hermione Granger, “Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.” This couldn’t be truer once the world was exposed to the rise of ajin living among humans.


Ibara no Ou (King of Thorn)


Probably one of the scariest things is being locked away for a long period of time, in the hope that you and several others can help find the cure for a viral epidemic.

This is what partially happens in this anime film. As the world is swiftly succumbing to the deadly virus Medusa, a girl named Katsumi has been selected along with 160 individuals to be stored in a Cold Sleep Capsule Center.

With a positive prognosis being very slim, the participants have nothing to lose, falling into a slumber and hoping to wake to a new and cured world. However, the worst is yet to come, as Katsumi comes to an era where creatures and monsters have devoured all of what they have known.

King of Thorn is popularly recognized as a modern rendition of Sleeping Beauty with a twist.The beginning of the film starts off on a pretty dark and dramatic note. When it all appears as if everything is under control because someone steps in and says “we have the cure!”, we are surprisingly mistaken, as everyone later on emerges into hysteria and chaos. Wondering how our interesting and dynamic group of characters will survive another apocalypse, we are then sadly reminded, and perhaps a little terrified, about how we would react to something like this IRL.

Blood: The Last Vampire


The year is 1966. Blood: The Last Vampire follows Saya, a 14-year-old girl who hunts down Teropterids- creatures that bear a similar appearance to vampires and demons and can only survive by consuming human blood. Being the best in the game Saya is given a new assignment: to go undercover as a student at a high school located within a military base. Her objective is to eliminate all of the creatures disguising themselves as humans.

Bundled with a lot of violence, blood and mutilation, Blood: The Last Vampire is a film likely to fill your dreams with horrific nightmares. Furthermore, Saya isn’t your average, cheery 14-year-old in a school uniform, but a tough, badass cookie!


Vampire Hunter D (2000)



The story revolves around the infamous vampire Hunter D who, during a time when society has not overcome the differences between humans and vampires, has been accepted because of his success in capturing vampires.

Once again, D is called upon to rescue a woman named Charlotte Elbourne who is from a very high-class family. At the request of Charlotte’s father, offering a generous bounty, D takes on the job to bring her home, dead or alive. As D competes with other bounty hunters, he encounters various twists and run-ins, challenging his and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Vampire Hunter D holds a classic and timeless storyline found in many horror films and literature, surrounded in dark animation and mysterious characteristics.


Perfect Blue


Perfect Blue is a story about Mima Kirigoe, a famous J-pop idol who wants to leave the music industry and get her big break as an actress.

Being such a huge mega star, Mima has some difficulty on this path. Wanting to create a new image and shedding her old persona, she takes on a role in a crime-drama series, which proves to be more than she can manage.

Adding more to her troubles, Mima has to deal with a psycho stalker, a bashing website that documents her most intricate details, murders, and the success of CHAM! without her. Slowly losing it, Mima is having a rough time distinguishing what’s real and her fantasies.

There’s a Japanese proverb that states, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” and that’s the really scary part. Perfect Blue includes so many plot twists, it’ll leave you wondering, “How did they come up with such a scary thing?”