Throwback Thursday: Pankoo Kidz endearing itself to kids


Last Christmas, WhatsApp was flooded with loads of Christmas greetings that was either accompanied by images or animated shorts.

Though all the videos stood well, one that caught our eye was the one that was presented by Pankoo Kids, a YouTube channel of Astute Media-Vision.

Astute Media-Vision is a Mumbai based well equipped production house established by producer, writer, director Pankaj Sharma for the complete in-house production from concept to Final Output of Kids Programs, 3D Animation Feature Films and Live Action Composite Feature Films with Visual Effects under one roof.

Animation Digital Digest sits across Sharma for a freewheeling interview.

The Christmas jingle that you have made looks very nice and attractive. Could you tell us as to how much were the applauds of the jingle in terms of views?

No, we cannot say anything as we do not have the scale of measurement. Only thing that I can tell you is this particular jingle was well received going by the number of phone calls I received from friends, relatives and well-wishers,

Could you tell us about Pankoo Kidz?

We launched our English 3D Rhymes YouTube Channel Pankoo Kidz recently. In the first season, we have already created more than 52 popular & good quality 3D animated English nursery rhymes for kids over a period of 6 to 7 months which are open for distribution/syndication/licensing on all platforms.

Are you planning to release the second season shortly?

We shall start work on the second season with production of another 52 Rhymes in January 2018 after the launch of our in-house under-production 52 Episode Live-VfX series.

By the end of next year, we plan to launch 3D rhymes in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other regional languages including 3D animated web episodes for the Digital Platform.

Could you tell us more about the South Indian languages?

We have been getting queries for South Indian languages from digital players but we have not finalized yet.

For Pankoo Kidz, we have tied up with Known International MCN. Our focus is always to deliver good quality content apart from movies and series, But this year, our main productions will be for digital platforms.