Turner International launches on-demand service that offers console-quality video games via streaming


The team of digital ventures and innovation at Turner International has launched Gloud, an on-demand service that offers console-quality video games via streaming.

With the new system, Turner aims to eliminate the need for price prohibitive consoles, high prices for games and the need for a computer to download large files.


To access the gaming service, users will only need a computer with an internet connection. In the future, Gloud will also be available for smart TVs.

Gloud follows Turner EMEA and HBO Nordic’s recent launch of Toonix, a kids’ and family OTT service in the Nordic region. The service also marks the company’s first venture into the world of gaming.

“Cloud-based gaming is the future of how people will consume video games. There’s no need to own expensive consoles or store content on a device with limited space. With Gloud all the user needs is an internet connection to be able to enjoy a high-end gaming experience,” says Aksel van der Wal, executive vice president, digital ventures and innovation, Turner International. “At Turner, we take a fan-centric approach to everything we do, and Gloud does exactly that. It is an innovative service which is aligned with our remit at DV&I of developing new and innovative products and services to drive Turner forward. We are in an age of deep consumer engagement, and Gloud offers fans easy access to quality gaming content, anytime and anywhere they want it,” he added.

Gloud is now available in Argentina and Chile, with short-term plans to expand across Latin America and long-term initiatives to expand globally.