TVPaint animation software being used frequently now

TV Paint

The usage of TVPaint animation software continues to grow in a lot many exciting directions.


Besides short films and feature-length movies like Ethel and Ernest, Hirune Hime and the upcoming The Breadwinner from Cartoon Saloon that just enjoyed its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, there are now more and more animated series being made with TVPaint Animation.

Let’s see who’s using it for series productions?

For starters, Netflix’s upcoming Green Eggs and Ham series (set to be released in 2018), Gigglebug Entertainment’s recently released season two of Gigglebug and Tonko House’s forthcoming Dam Keeper shorts series.

After the great success of the Oscar-nominated short film The Dam Keeper, Tonko House has embarked on the ambitious production of the series Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems.

Commissioned by Hulu Japan, Pig is made using TVPaint by a production team based both in Tokyo, Japan and Berkeley, California.

TVPaint’s ease of use and efficient pipeline allows this international crew of artists to seamlessly collaborate despite being separated by a large distance.

Tonko House chose TVPaint because of its desire to get a traditional hand-drawn feeling into the series. With TVPaint Animation, they can achieve the look and feel of a production animated on paper, while taking full advantage of TVPaint’s sophisticated digital toolset.