Viewership of YouTube shoots up 70 per cent


Since a long time, YouTube has been trying to position itself as a TV competitor. Now it can proudly say that it is making real headway in its endeavour.

According to the video service viewers are watching 100 million hours of its clips a day on actual television sets. And it says that the number has shot up 70 per cent in the last year.

These statistics come from Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who announced them as part of his prepared remarks during Google parent Alphabet’s earnings call last Thursday.

For the record, Pichai says YouTube is logging 100 million hours of watch time in the living room every day; a Google representative confirmed that he was talking about TVs connected to the internet, either directly or via devices like Roku boxes or gaming consoles.

Earlier this year, YouTube had said that people were watching a billion hours of its videos per day. And YouTube has previously said that the majority of its viewing takes place on mobile devices.

Now Pichai says that a substantial minority of YouTube viewing is happening on TV sets, a direct challenge to the TV programmers that until recently have been able to monopolize that screen.

It’s possible that some of that growth may be coming from YouTube Red, the company’s first subscription service, or from YouTube TV, the pay TV service the company launched earlier this year.