Vine set for a resurrection


The internet junta mourned the loss of Vine when it was announced that it plans to bring to an end the six-second video app last October as many top creators had already deserted the platform en masse due to negligible monetisation opportunities.

However, one of Vine’s co-founders and its former CEO could be looking at resurrection of sorts. Dom Hofmann, the entrepreneur has tweeted saying that he’s going to work on a follow-up to Vine, adding that he’d been personally motivated to do so and seen lots of requests for a second iteration of the product on Twitter.

While Hofmann did not provide any details about the nature of his forthcoming creation, which is currently in development, he says it will be self-funded so as not to interfere with his other new company Interspace.

It may be remembered that Twitter purchased Vine in 2012 for $30 million after which Hofmann left the company in 2014 to work on a creative tool and social networking app called Byte.