Walt Disney Animation Studios, Nora Twomey and John Kahrs are first recipients of the WIA Diversity Awards


The Women in Animation (WIA) ’s inaugural WIA Diversity Awards function was held from October 26 to 29 in Vancouver. The event was conducted in partnership with the Spark Computer Graphics Society.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney Animation Studios along with filmmakers Nora Twomey and John Kahrs were the first recipients of the WIA Diversity Awards. The award was voted on by select members of WIA’s board of directors.


“Women in Animation’s mission is to affect change in the animation industry, and it is essential, in our view, to highlight and celebrate those organizations and artists who are making a difference,” commented Marge Dean, WIA’s co-president.


Disney was honoured for its commitment to help WIA achieve its goal of bringing change to the animation industry. On the other hand, the WIA says that the studio, its leaders and artists have donated many hours a year to the organization and its causes.

The studio’s efforts to promote diversity are evidenced by their recent films Zootopia which dealt with bias and stereotypes and Moana, which featured a young Pacific Island girl as its hero.