Tuesday, February 19

Warner Archive Collection to release first season of Teen Titans on Blu ray soon

Warner Archive

With the January 23 release of Teen Titans: The Complete First Season on Blu ray, Warner Archive Collection is bringing out another fan-favourite of the WB Animation canon.

Teen Titans

Originally aired in 2003, the series follows the adventures of teen super heroes / roommates Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire as they work together to take down incredible criminals. But, it’s every hero for him/herself when it comes to controlling the TV remote…

In the 13-episode first season the Teen Titans face favourite villains Mad Mod, The Puppet King, Killer Moth and their arch-nemesis Slade in one power-packing showdown after another.

Some battles even pit the Titans against each other. Featuring bold animation, funky music and fun characters, this complete Season One from the hit TV series is an intergalactic knockout.

The notable guest voices in the series include Ron Perlman as Slade, Malcolm McDowell (Mad Mod), Clancy Brown (Trident), Wil Wheaton (Aqualad), Dave Coulier (Captain, Tramm), James Arnold Taylor (Overload, Cash), Kevin Michael Richardson (Mammoth), Rino Romano (Kai), David Sobolov (Cron), Dee Bradley Baker (Cinderblock, Plasmus), S. Scott Bullock (Thunder), Quinton Flynn (Lightning), Tom Kenny (Mumbo, Fixit), Roger Bumpass (Dr. Light), Keith Szarabajka (Trigon), Tracey Walter (Puppet King) and Lauren Tom (Gizmo).

Produced by Glen Murakami, Teen Titans: The Complete First Season has Michael Chang, Alex Soto and Ciro Nieli handle the direction while scripts are written by Rob Hoegee, Amy Wolfram, David Slack, Adam Beechen, Greg Klein, Tom Pugsley, Rick Copp and Teen Titans guru himself, Marv Wolfman.