YouTube taking stringent steps to select children’s videos


As families gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, YouTube is in the process of detailing the efforts it is taking to make its own platform more family-friendly.


In a blog post, it shared five avenues through which it is combating the presence of inappropriate videos aimed at children.

The first item on YouTube’s agenda is tougher application of our Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology, a policy whose results have already been seen.

In the last week, YouTube says that it has terminated 50 channels that target young viewers with violent, sexual, or otherwise disturbing content while deleting thousands of videos that together received billions of views. The list of banned channels includes Toy Freaks, a controversial collection of skits that had 8.5 million subscribers before its termination.

The well-known channel also used its blog post to remind consumers of a June 2017 policy shift that stripped inappropriate videos of their ability to run ads.

Since June, YouTube says, that policy has caused three million videos many of them featuring family characters like Spiderman and Elsa to lose monetisation.

The other elements of YouTube’s battle against inappropriate children’s content include an aggressive stance on lewd comments that show up on those videos, increased reliance on human moderators called trusted flaggers and the impending launch of a comprehensive guide that will provide tips for family-friendly content creators.